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What’s in a name? A genuine diamond, no matter how it’s made, will sparkle just as bright.

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Above: WD Lab Grown Diamonds Founder & Chairman Clive Hill sat down recently at WD Lab Grown Diamonds labs outside of Washington, DC to explain how the Chemical Vapor Deposition process works to grow real diamonds in the lab – and why WD Lab Grown Diamonds are so popular with retailers and distributors.

Readers of this blog and visitors to this website know that WD Lab Grown Diamonds creates stunning, high-value, genuine diamonds in the lab. Through a beautiful science known as Carbon Vapor Deposition (CVD), we’re able to grow diamonds in just a few weeks that are identical to stones that took millions of years to form in nature.

So what do you call a diamond that didn’t come out of the ground? The mined diamond industry likes to call stones like ours cultured diamonds or synthetic diamonds – but both terms are greatly misleading.

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