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Washington Diamonds provides conflict-free, lab-grown diamonds of the highest quality, as graded by the world-renowned International Gemological Institute. They are cut to the most exacting standards – yet they cost about 25 percent less than mined diamonds of the same size, cut and quality.

Washington Diamonds has combined its substantial personnel experience, industry expertise and deep theoretical and research background to produce and develop better diamonds for the gemstones market, as well as for industrial and high-tech applications.
The Carnegie Institution of Washington (CIW) has licensed Washington Diamonds the single-crystal CVD diamond growth technology it has developed during the last 15 years.
The methods and equipment associated with CVD diamond growth allow Washington Diamonds not only to grow beautiful diamonds, but to pioneer new technologies and applications using diamond as a supermaterial.
Headquartered just outside Washington, DC, Washington Diamonds was established in 2008 by Clive Hill, a lifelong expert in the diamond jewelry industry.

Our Team

Having bought tens of millions of dollars of loose gemstones (mainly diamonds) during his career, Clive Hill brings more than 22 years of experience in all commercial aspects of the diamond and jewelry industry to Washington Diamonds. Most recently, he served as CEO of Fraser Hart, an award-winning chain of British retail jewelers with 30 locations. Hill’s vision and management skills grew the business to more than 20 times its original size, making it one of the most professional, admired and successful jewelers in the UK. Hill earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Edinburgh.
With 15 years of engineering experience, Yarden Tsach is responsible for establishing and optimizing the production process of high quality diamond crystals in Washington Diamond’s plant just outside Washington, DC. Previously, Tsach was an external project manager in the solar energy division at Siemens in Bet-Shemesh, Israel. He also held managerial positions in Tower Semiconductor, Jordan Valley Semiconductor and Trace-guard Technologies. Tsach received a master’s degree in material engineering from the Technion in Haifa, Israel where he was a student of Professor Dan Shechtman, winner of the The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011.